Utshashree portal for Online Teacher Transfer

  The West Bengal state government inaugurated a new scheme 'Utshasree' for teachers. Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the new scheme on Thursday (22/07/2021). She said the decision was taken at a cabinet meeting. On the same day, the Chief Minister said, the state is launching a portal called Utsashree. Teachers can apply through this portal if they want to transfer to a school near their home. She did not say when the scheme would be launched. She said, " Utsashree scheme is being launched for teachers. For those who want to transfer to their district or near home. But if ten teachers want to transfer to one place, it is not possible. It has to be adjusted. As I said before, teachers don't have to go far to work.. A portal is being launched to transfer at least as close to their home as possible, where teachers can apply for the transfer themselves. The Department of Education will take action accordingly. ……….. " Many teachers want to be tra

Demand for Online General Transfer

  Hon'ble Mamata Banerjee announced that every working teacher and educator should be given the opportunity of transfer so that they can work in a school near their home.  But it has not been launched yet. Also the general transfer has been off for the last 7 years. Note that the last general transfer was in 2014 Although online mutual transfer has started, non-teaching and librarians have not been given the opportunity to apply. About 30,000 teachers and educators in the state are hoping for a  fair transfer process. Teachers' organizations claim that even though mutual transfer was offline, the opportunities were much less. With the introduction of online mutual transfers in October last year, the demand for transfers has multiplied.   On the other hand, even though the special transfer is going on, there are allegations of various opacities. This transfer process is not going on in any specific way. Although about 30,000 forms were submitted before the vote, the education de

How to Choose Preference for Online State Level Counseling?

Online State Level Councelling for Primary Teacher Recruitment Notice of online state level counseling of primary teacher recruitment has been issued. Online state level counseling will start from 12th July. The West Bengal Primary Education Board released the merit list on 15th February this year as per West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules-2016. The list was released on March 4 following the guidelines of the Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court, the board said. Merit list is prepared on the basis of vacancies at the district level. The concerned district authorities have already issued appointment letters to the enlisted persons. There are still some candidates in the merit list. Those who could not be enlisted as there were no vacancies in their own district. The remaining candidates will have state-level online counseling from July 12. Will run until 19th July. Will be live from 12th July on portal. Nobody will be able to enter the online s

Banglar Shiksha Activity task 2021

  All government schools in West Bengal are closed in 2021 due to the epidemic. The government of West Bengal has uploaded Activity tasks for different classes in 2021 as well as Activity tasks of 2020 in Banglar Shiksha portal to reduce the study deficit of students. By downloading these Activity tasks, students will study at home. How students will download the 2021 Activity task….. First you have to open Banglar shiksha e Portal. Click on 'Digital Contents' in the menu bar at the top of the banglar shiksha portal. Click on 'Student Corner' under 'Digital Contents'. Click on '2021 Activity task' in the action bar of the new page. When a new page opens, if you select a class in the filter box, the Activity tasks of that class will open. Click on the Download button along the row of each Activity task to download.