Administrative ground Transfer at Paray samadan program

  Paray Samadan Program After the success of 'Duare Sarkar' , the state government took a new program to reach out to the common people better. People's personal problems are being solved through 'Duare Sarkar' . Similarly, 'Paray samadan' will solve regional problems. For now, the 'Paray samadan' program will run from 2nd February to 15th February. Already 10,000 applications have been received for the project, and a task force has been formed on behalf of the government. The ruling party hopes that the 'Paray samadan' program will get a huge response before the vote, just as the ' Duare Sarkar ' program has sparked. Administrative ground Transfer at Paray samadan program The Paray samadan program mentions solving many small problems. One of these programs is to fill the shortage of teachers in any school. As a result, transfer from one school to another has to be taken, this transfer is called Transfer to Administrative ground.

Honorarium of COOK-CUM-HELPER associated with MDM

COOK-CUM-HELPERS associated with MDM in schools will now get 12 months Honorarium. Previously they would get 10 months. The order that has been published in this regard is given below ...

Primary Teachers' Training through online

On 6th January, 2021, an oder copy was released from Paschim Banga Samagra Shiksha Mission for All District Education Officers (Samagra Siksha Mission), mentioning the subject of Primary Teachers' Training through on-line mode. The content from the order copy is as follows….. Primary Teachers' Training through on-line mode. Madam/Sir. This is to inform you that the Chairman, Expert Committee has developed the audio visual teachers' training material for primary teachers (Bengali medium) that to be used at the time of primary teachers' training at district level through virtual mode ,for which you are requested to furnish a comprehensive training plan like secondary teachers training to cover up all the primary teachers, phase by phase. A district level monitoring team consisting of DEO, DIS(PE), Chairman DPSC,AIS (academic) attached with DPSC,AIS (PE),AIS(Block/ Municipality /Borough) MIS in-charge,District/Programme Pedagogy coordinator and all SIS to be formed. Th

Finalization of Beneficiary of Banglar Shiksha Portal

Login to HOI level and go to ‘Finalization of Beneficiary & Certification’ Sub menu under  ‘Student Management ' Menu, the following screen shot has been displayed for this purpose. After verifying the beneficiary list, click on ‘Finalize’ button to freeze the data. Click on ‘OK’ button to ensure that you want to finalize the beneficiary list. It is noted that if the data is finalized once, that cannot be modified afterwards. The following screen shot has been displayed for this purpose. After clicking on ‘OK ‘ button a message will be generated stating that the beneficiary details have been successfully submitted. Following screen shot reflects the same. To download the beneficiary list in excel format, click on ‘Excel Download’ button. Click on ‘Download Certificate Format’ button to avail the beneficiary list and the certificate of the HoI in PDF format. Such a format will be generated as depicted below. After downloading the certificate format, the same is to

Upper primary recruitment 2021

The School Service Commission (SSC) has issued a notification for the recruitment of new teachers (WB Upper Primary Recruitment 2020) in compliance with the judgment of the Calcutta High Court. According to the published notification, the School Service Commission or SSC is going to start the verification of the documents of the job seekers on 4th January. Documents can be submitted online until 6pm on January 20th. On December 11th, High Court Justice Mausumi Bhattacharya dismissed the entire process, including the panel for teacher recruitment in the upper primary, and ordered a fresh start. However, a group of job seekers have already filed a case against the single bench in the division bench. The hearing could be in the first week of January. As per SSC’s data of 28th March 2018, 2 lakh 28 thousand 660 people who passed TET applied for the job. Of these, 1 lakh 20 thousand 280 people have training in teaching higher primary. The remaining 1 lakh 8 thousand 380 people are untrained

Transfer Out and Transfer in Banglar Shiksha Portal

Transfer out in Banglar Shiksha Portal When a student from one school wants to be admitted in another school, it is mandatory to get a transfer certificate from Banglar Shiksha Portal. Otherwise, the student will not be able to get admission in any government school. So here I will show how to generate TC by transferring a student from Banglar Shiksha Portal. Process of Transfer out in Banglar shiksha portal. First you have to login to Banglar Shiksha e portal. Click on " Student Management " in the Main Navigation bar. Click on " Student Transfer out " option under Student Management. Type the ID of the student who will take TC from the school in the Student Code bar of the " Student Transfer out " page and click on " Search Student ". Next, click on 'Transfer out' with the correct reason and Date of leaving on the Select Transfer Details page. How to Download the Transfer Certificate from Banglar Shiksha Portal After the transfer out